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Welcome to our website dedicated exclusively to our clients who are attempting to use either their behavioral health insurance benefit or their employee assistance benefit. Our philosophy is to provide high-quality evidence-based treatment while interfacing with the third-party payer source, whether it is an insurance company or an employee assistance program administrator.

We look forward to servicing your needs and helping you or your family member with the issue that's bringing you to work with a behavioral health specialist. We are able to provide services to individuals and families who are using commercial health insurance because we are contracted with a variety of Employee Assistance Programs as well as commercial health insurance companies.

Currently, there is a shortage of psychiatrists and behavioral health clinicians. This shortage and other changes within the healthcare arena have made accessing treatment rather difficult. You may have become aware of this shortage as you started to navigate the behavioral health industry searching for a provider, and we are well aware that this can lead you to become frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed. This is especially true if you are not aware of the standards and practices that are commonly used within the behavioral health industry.

As a provider who is able to accept your behavioral health benefit, we try to help you navigate the complexities of the behavioral health system by providing you a website dedicated to helping you, the consumer, understand what to expect as you move forward in the process:

  1. How to use your benefit and what is required of your provider to be able to accept the benefit
  2. How you can be prepared for your first session as well as moving forward in your care

We encourage you to read the links that we have provided in the left-hand column labeled “Common Questions” and “What We Need If You Use Your Insurance or EAP Benefit.” In addition, we are urging people to become informed about their behavioral health benefits so we can focus on high-quality treatment that reflects evidence-based care.

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